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5 Benefits of Short-Form Video Marketing for Small Businesses

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Is your small business getting lost in the noise? You’re not alone. Many big brands get all the attention when it comes to marketing, leaving little room for anyone else. But don’t worry, there is one way to stand out from the crowd: short-form video content. Look no further than TikTok, Instagram Reels, or Youtube Shorts to see how audiences embrace this style across platforms. 

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By creating video content, your brand stands out, connects with customers, increases SEO and organic traffic, and boosts conversions and sales. Believe us when we say that video content provides results. As a leading innovator of dynamic video storytelling, video is an excellent tool for getting your small business in front of new customers. Best of all? Short-form video content will increase your revenue.

Here are 5 reasons why you should join the movement:

1. High engagement rates!

For starters, people love short-form video content. Videos on social media platforms get the most reactions, likes, and comments. That’s compared to static ads you might be implementing instead! As well, video is a more appetizing form of content for consumers than pictures or text. The simple act of moving footage makes it harder for audiences to quickly pass by your content. In turn, it allows them more time for interactions. 

Studies show that the average person stays on a website two minutes longer with integrated video. Video marketing captures and holds your audience’s attention, leading to higher consumer engagement. It’s an ideal way to interact with your target audience. On social media, you can make a more personal connection.

In addition, watching a video increases people’s likelihood of taking action. This means they are more likely to click a call-to-action or visit your website after watching your content!

   2. An extensive user base!

TikTok is the fastest growing online platform with eight new users every second. In fact, 18.68% of people log into TikTok every day in the United States alone! TikTok also has some of the most engaged users. This means that people tend to spend more time on TikTok than on other platforms.

As far as popular entertainment apps go, TikTok is only second to Facebook. In recent years, the app has become very popular among many demographics. It has become a household name and an effective marketing tool.

TikTok is a social network that values creativity. The platform encourages people to share their unique voices. Moreover, brands are still figuring out how they fit in on TikTok. Don’t wait, run! Now is the perfect time to experiment with the platform and think of creative ways you can reach the right audience. It’s also the perfect place to find your voice before other brands start doing the same thing!

 3. One message = better results!

Today’s modern consumers want information quickly and in bite-sized pieces. On average, people will watch a video online for just a few seconds before moving to the next one. This is a great opportunity for e-commerce companies to lure in potential customers. It’s especially great if they can hold someone’s attention with a well-made video. 

Video content marketing is a powerful tool. It allows marketers to get their message across in an engaging way that resonates with their audience. When done properly, you can use video content marketing as part of your strategy on social media platforms like YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels. 

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For Youtube Shorts to be successful, the content on the website must be video-based. Mobile usage is increasing, which indicates that attention spans are decreasing. As a result, marketers continue to find better engagement from short videos with a single message rather than long-form content.

4. Seamless with other social media platforms!

For example, Instagram Reels is a great way to connect with your followers, increase engagement, and attract people interested in your business. As Instagram’s algorithm changes and the feature grows, Instagram Reels will likely grow in popularity. That isn’t going to change anytime soon. Whether or not you think Reels is suitable for your brand, there are a lot of marketers on the platform. They know this is where the audience is. 

Marketing on Instagram Reels opens the door for your business to establish a seamless and consistent presence. It will help you reach more people interested in seeing what you have to offer. The process is intuitive and reaps countless benefits.

For example, share your brand’s informative or entertaining video on your Instagram Story. Then, share it on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Creating video content and distributing it on other platforms makes it easy for your audience to feel connected to you and your brand. The algorithm rewards frequent posting. Therefore, the longer you wait to start participating in Reels, the harder it’s going to be to get discovered!

Even if you don’t have an Instagram strategy in place right now, adding Reels puts your brand within reach of this audience!

Use Instagram Reels for your small business

5. Better Return On Investment!

Video marketing will provide a good Return on Investment (ROI) for your company in the long run. Having a well-planned and good-quality video to show your customers can provide you with excellent exposure. For example, a recent study found that 89% of companies with videos get increased exposure.

These days, marketers are paying close attention to video content due to its high conversion rates. The average consumer now watches Facebook and YouTube videos for more than an hour a week. Seriously, making videos is an important part of marketing.

If your next question is “how do you make video content?”, look no further than Milk Video!

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