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5 Webinar Invitation Email Templates to Drive Registrations

5 webinar invitation

Webinars are an awesome way to showcase your brand while engaging with your users on a personal level. The problem is that they are only effective if you can actually get people to show up!

So, how can you drive registrations for your next webinar? This guide will help you develop a strategy for encouraging clients and prospects to attend your webinars through email. These clear and concise templates are the perfect way to get started:

Look Over Here!

Did we make you look? Starting your email with an eye-catching subject line is essential if you want to drive registrations.

Think about it this way – your audience won’t know that you are hosting a webinar if they can’t even be bothered to open the email because it looks like spam or is simply uninteresting. Remember that there is a good chance that your target viewer’s inbox is getting flooded with similar emails every day, so you need to try to stand out.

Here are some examples:

[First Name], don’t miss this webinar

Learn secrets and tricks from [Guest Speaker]

Almost sold out

This webinar will help you [Describe Subject]

The countdown starts now!

Consider personalizing the subject line whenever possible and keep the tone of voice direct. This can help keep your invitations out of the junk folder and encourage the recipient to take a closer look.

Provide All the Information They Need

Once you’ve crafted the perfect email headline that is sure to grab your client or prospect’s attention, you need to give them exactly what they are looking for: information about the webinar you promised would be worth attending!

It is important to note that just because you got them to open the email does not mean they will register. Providing all the details about the webinar clearly and concisely is the next step in securing that commitment.

Consider the 4Ws and H: who, what, when, why, and how.

Who: Who is going to be presenting? Will there be guest speakers or popular influencers that they would like to learn from?

What: What is the webinar about? Give them a specific title that is memorable and informative

When: When is the webinar? Make sure to provide the exact date and time, as well as an estimated duration so that they can plan accordingly. It helps to include an ‘add to calendar’ link here too!

Why: Remind the recipient why they should attend your webinar by describing the value it will deliver

How: Walk them through the registration process (use a call to action here) and offer them a link to your FAQs page

The goal is to ensure there is no confusion about the webinar, so you don’t want to leave any questions unanswered. Consider these invitation email templates for your next webinar:

Template 1


I noticed you asked a question about [SUBJECT] in our Facebook group and thought you would be interested in learning more about it. We are hosting a webinar about it this week on [DATE & TIME] and wanted to make sure we reserved you a spot!

Click here to register now: [REGISTRATION LINK]

We’ll be opening the webinar for 30 minutes of Q&A at the end, so we look forward to hearing your feedback then!

Template 2


I hope you are enjoying your new [PRODUCT NAME].

I’d love to invite you to our webinar on Tuesday, May 15th at 3:00 PM EST – we will be joined by a panel of experts that will discuss the latest developments in the industry and help you make the most out of your experience with our product.

Don’t miss it! Here’s the link to the webinar registration page: [REGISTRATION LINK]

See you then!

Template 3


Join our live Q&A session tomorrow at 1:00 PM EST!


This is your chance to ask our expert panel everything you want to know about [SUBJECT]. Our guest list includes [SUBJECT] experts like [SPEAKER’S NAME] and they are ready to help you [HOW WILL THEY ADD VALUE].

We hope to see you there!


Follow Up with a Confirmation Email

If you use these templates, there’s a good chance that you will drive registrations for your webinar and increase attendance. However, your job is not done when you send those out!

You must follow up with a confirmation email for every registered attendee. As soon as they complete the webinar registration, they should receive an email that lets them know that their spot is reserved and confirms what they signed up for.

Treat this as another opportunity to offer additional value, provide information on the next steps, share extra information, and more. This confirmation email should also include a calendar invitation, as that will serve as a reminder as the event gets closer.

Use these templates to get started:

Template 1

Thanks for registering for our webinar on [DATE & TIME].

Our panel is excited to share their knowledge with you and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to submit a question ahead of time, you can do so here: [LINK]

Don’t forget to add the event to your calendar too:


See you then!

Template 2

[FIRST NAME], your spot is officially reserved for our webinar on [DATE & TIME].

It’s going to be an exciting and informative event, so please feel free to share the registration link with your friends and colleagues: [REGISTRATION LINK]

If you’d like to learn more about our list of guest speakers, check out their bios here: [LINK].

Can’t wait to see you then!