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How to add text to video

So, you’ve created a video to share on your blog or website – now what? The next thing you should do is to partner with Milk Video to add text to your videos!

This guide will review the importance of adding text to your videos and how Milk can help.

The Importance of using Text in Your Video

There is a lot that goes into creating an effective and engaging video, and the text you include is a major part of it. Think about how often you browse social media and the web or watch a video without sound – pretty often, right?

According to research conducted by Verizon, up to 80% of viewers will watch your video content without the sound on. Whether they are watching it at work, at home, or in another public setting, it can be hard to capture your audience’s attention without the use of engaging text. 

For example, adding an eye-catching headline to videos is a great way to engage your viewers and keep them from moving on to the next one!

Similarly, adding text to your videos is another way to share your call to action or CTA. Do you want them to subscribe to your content? Or perhaps you want viewers to purchase the product your video was showcasing – regardless of the next step you want your audience to take, the inclusion of text can help you reinforce it. 

In addition, Milk contains text features that allow you to credit contributors or cite references – this will help you boost credibility and trust too!

Milk Video Makes it Simple to Add Text to Videos!

If you’re ready to add text to your video, head over to Milk to get started. We make it easy to incorporate your branding, fonts, and colors so you can create truly custom content. Whether the video will be shared on YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn, we have you covered!

Here is how you can use Milk Video to add your text:

  1. Select the video you want to work with and upload it
  2. Select the clip where you want the text to appear
  3. Press ‘Add Text’ on the canvas section and insert your content
  4. Export your video and share it across your platforms

In just 4 steps, Milk Video makes adding text to your video simple and straightforward!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take advantage of the benefits of subtitles, captions, and other text in your videos. 

P.S. If you are looking to automatically transcribe videos to text, read our guide on how to do that for free!