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So, you’ve created a video to share on your blog or website – now what? The next thing you should do is to partner with Milk Video to add text to your videos! This guide will review the importance of adding text to your videos and how Milk can help. The Importance of using Text […]

Today, we’re going to quickly walk you through how we would go about promoting my webinars and my live trainings so you can get more community members, more audiences, more customers to come join and engage in the conversation. There’s two ways we would promote and they work actually together. Transcript: Hey, all Kenta here. […]

Learn how to resize your long form live videos really quickly and easily. Here’s the scenario: you just finished a wonderful zoom webinar or a customer interview, or some sort of long form video interaction. And you want to be able to resize it. Watch this video above to learn how you can do it! […]

Learn how you can take a long form piece of content and make it evergreen. Turn webinars, live streams, or online trainings into reusable nuggets! Transcript of the video: Hey, how’s it going everybody? Kenta T. Naoi here today. I wanted to show you how you can take a long form piece of content. Something […]

In this video, we walk through the ways you can use Milk Video to turn longform Zoom webinars and videos to turn it into evergreen content.