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Quick Guide to YouTube Shorts

Youtube shorts

YouTube Shorts are the new way to create engaging clips. By launching a new tool for short-form videos, YouTube allows creators to make content that grabs a viewer’s attention in 60 seconds or less. So, what exactly are YouTube Shorts, how do you make one, and what can you use them for? This simple guide will review everything you need to know about the platform’s new app feature. 

YouTube Shorts: What Are They?

Let’s start with the basics: what are YouTube Shorts? 

A YouTube Short is a new feature that allows users to create quick clips to engage with their viewers. Like Instagram Reels and TikToks, the goal of this feature is to increase engagement and make it easier for users to create content.

The videos must be 60 seconds or shorter, but they do not disappear like other content on competing platforms. Some of the most useful features include musical overlays, video segmenting, app-based recording, and more. 

YouTube Shorts was released in September of 2020, with beta testing to begin in India. During this trial, users could make clips lasting up to 15 seconds that include musical overlays and other unique features.  As of March 2021, the platform exceeded 6.5 billion daily views and saw impressive success – even in the basic beta form. 

Although we still don’t know what the final product will look like, it is clear that short-form content is the future. With their extensive library of branded content, this creates an exciting opportunity for existing and future creators on the YouTube platform. 

How to Create a YouTube Short

Making a YouTube Short is simple. Start by clicking on Create, and you will launch the interface that allows you to develop your content. (you can read our full guide to uploading to Youtube Shorts here).

Selecting Create will open a camera screen where you can choose how to build your content. Record a clip directly with your device’s camera or upload a video that you have already saved on your camera roll.

How to create a youtube short, youtube shorts, uploading youtube short from your phone

Once you choose the video, you can adjust the speed at which it plays, overlay music and other sounds, add text, and incorporate filters. 

Creating youtube shorts, upload Youtube shorts from your phone

When you are happy with the final product, you can share it to the feed where all Shorts can be viewed. This dedicated shelf allows users to browse short-form videos and gives you a new way to engage with your target audience.

Youtube shorts feed, how to create a youtube short

You can also add captions to your Youtube shorts.

Practical Applications

Now that you understand the basics of YouTube Shorts and how to create them, you may be wondering why you should – especially with so many other platforms like Instagram and TikTok focusing on short videos. 

However, YouTube has the largest base of global subscribers. Sharing content here can help creators expand their reach to the 2 billion users that log into YouTube each month.  

You can also use YouTube shorts to create additional content for your existing subscribers – just in more bite-sized pieces. Developing Shorts can support your longer videos and drive traffic to them. For instance, they are ideal for quick tutorials and how-to videos!