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Highlight Reels – Milk Video Team Stream #1

Today was the Milk Video team’s first product presentation through live stream! We reviewed the Product Hunt announcement for Highlight Reels (see what a highlight reel is here) and went through core features related to our customers.

Please see the video clips below for some of the important parts.

Milk Video Team Stream intro

Ross Cranwell explains the Milk Video Team Stream’s content.

Highlight Reel run-through

Jacques Blom does a end-to-end run-through of the new Highlight Reel workflow.

New Share functionality

Lenny Bogdonoff explains the new “Share” functionality for uploads, clips and designed video downloads.

Using custom fonts

Jacques shares how users can now upload custom fonts and use them for word-by-word captions in their videos.

Saving time editing and sharing

Ross and Lenny explain the customer experience of saving time. Koby Conrad from Rupa Health said “this used to take me 8 hours”.

Customer spotlight: Go1

Ilce Perez talks about Sales personalization with Ross. Go1, a company learning management system, empowers growth and sales representatives to produce their own video content. By personalizing outreach and using a designed visual layout, teams are able to produce more video quickly.

Visiting speaker

Jeff Tang from Athens Research talks about the tools they use for running a remote engineering team.