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How to Add Captions to Twitter

twitter captions

Adding captions to the videos you share on Twitter can help you reach a broader audience and make your content accessible. This guide will teach you the easiest way to add captions to Twitter – by using Milk Video! Let’s dive in. 

Videos on Twitter 

Videos are some of the most effective content you can share on Twitter. With more than 2 billion daily views on the platform, videos have become the fastest-growing form of content on Twitter. 

Whether you use Twitter to promote your brand, engage with customers, or advertise your products, the key is to choose the content that resonates best with your viewers. In most cases, videos are the top choice!

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The Importance of Captions on Twitter

As you create your Twitter content, you must consider the importance of adding captions to your videos.

Perhaps the most important reason to incorporate captions in your videos is that it makes your content accessible. That means that people with hearing impairments or another disability that prevents them from listening to your video can still understand your post.

Likewise, captions can also help you increase engagement on your channel. Many viewers browse Twitter without their sound on or simply do not have access to headphones. If there are no captions on your video and they can’t hear it, then they will keep scrolling onto the next post.

In other words, failing to add captions to your videos means that you will miss out on a huge segment of your market – and that is not something you can afford to do!

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Adding Captions to Twitter with Milk Video

If you are ready to add captions to your videos before sharing them on Twitter, look no further than Milk Video. Our platform is designed to make this process simple and convenient so that you can spend more time designing your content instead. 

All you need to do is follow these four steps and you will have added captions to your videos:

  1. Choose the Video to Add Captions To

The first step in the process is to upload your file to Milk Video. Simply log into your account and choose the file from where it is saved on your computer – then click upload. 

Upload video to Milk Video
  1. Highlight the Clip that Needs Captions

Once you have uploaded the video clip to the platform, you must select where you want captions added. Do you need them overlayed over the entire video? Or perhaps just a particular segment?

Regardless of which you choose, just highlight the portion of the clip that you want to be captioned. 

Clip videos with Milk Video
  1. Finalize Your Template

When you are content with your selections, it is time to finalize your template. The template feature makes it easy for you to combine various video clips or trim longer content to make it fit with your Twitter campaign. 

Templates on Milk video
  1. Share your Video with Captions

Once you click export, you can save your video to a local file. From here, you can share your content on Twitter with the captions included. 

As you can see, the process is completely automated and does not require you to type out the text manually. Milk Video does all the hard work for you, so there is no reason not to overlay captions on all your Twitter posts!

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