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How to Collect Video Testimonials

Are you trying to improve your review page and engage with your prospects through video testimonials? If so, this guide is for you. We will walk through the process of collecting videos and editing them so that you can start building a library of testimonials. Let’s dive in!

Start by Reaching Out to Clients

The first step to collecting video testimonials is to contact your satisfied clients. Reach out to them via email or phone call and ask them if they’d be willing to share a video review about your brand and products. 

Once they agree, determine how you will film the video. If you have access to an in-house studio, you could of course invite them to your office and create the content there. However, the most convenient way to collect these videos is to capture them remotely. 

There are many remote video capture tools available, so you don’t have to worry about coordinating in-person visits or scheduling time in a studio. It’s also convenient for your clients, meaning they will be more likely to say yes to participating in a testimonial video!

Use a Video Editing Tool 

After you have captured video clips from your customers, you should take time to edit them to ensure they have the maximum impact on your audience. Depending on the purpose of your video, it may make sense to string several different testimonial clips together, add transitions, and overlay captions.

You can do this very easily with the tools at Milk Video, so you can quickly turn those videos into marketing pieces to share on social media and your website. Whether you want to add subtitles or shorten longer clips into soundbites, our tools have you covered. 

Build a Library of Soundbites

As you start to gather video testimonials from your clients, you can quickly build a library of soundbites. These clips and audio segments can help you demonstrate social proof, whether it be to help you move leads through the sales funnel or to further your marketing efforts. 

Developing this library is a crucial aspect of collecting video testimonials since it will make it easier for you to continue to share reviews with your audience. You can repurpose many of these clips into social media posts and even paper marketing, so make sure you save them in a way that you can easily find them later!