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How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great social network to better your career. While other popular social media channels are oriented to serve your personal life, Linkedin is focused on your work life. You can set up your LinkedIn profile to help you source jobs and internships. Additionally, LinkedIn is a great platform to expand your skillset and become more qualified in your career. 

A well-rounded Linkedin profile can also help establish you as a unique individual. You can set up your profile to highlight your experience, skillset, and education. If set up properly, your profile can also set you up for success when networking. Networking refers to the act of establishing a group of contacts that can help you further your career.

There are many reasons to continuously network in your career. Networking allows you to grow within your field. With support from high profiles in the industry, you can obtain additional support during challenging times with the help of external experts. Networking also enables you (and your business) to get noticed, hence generating new opportunities for your career. 

Another useful way to get noticed is by tagging people you’re interested in adding to your network in posts or comments. 

What Is Tagging?

Tagging, on LinkedIn, refers to the act of ‘marking’ or ‘identifying’ a person. This can help you interact with people of interest by showing them content they might like or by writing a post that includes their name.

Some scenarios in which you’d tag people would be when you reshare (or write) a post of appreciation. You can acknowledge someone’s hard work by tagging them in a post. Alternatively, if you’ve attended an event with someone and are writing a post about it, tagging them in the post invites the person into the post’s conversation.

Why Should You Tag People?

There are several benefits of tagging people on social media –– especially on LinkedIn. Firstly, it captures the attention of people of interest. This allows them to react to the post or comment you tagged them in, further contributing to your relationship. Additionally, tagging people is a great signal to your network as well. It shows the people in your network that you nurture your relationship and use these to grow. 

Another benefit of tagging people involves the feature’s ability to increase your reach. LinkedIn’s algorithm aims to get its users to consume as much content as possible. To achieve this, LinkedIn’s algorithm focuses on showing its users relevant content that they find valuable. This is done by assessing the engagements of posts in terms of likes, comments, and reactions. The more interested other users are in your content, the more it will get shown on other people’s feeds. As such, tagging other people –– and gaining engagement –– can help you reach a wider network.

How to Tag a Person or Company

Now that you know the utility of tagging people on LinkedIn, we’ll delve into the ‘hows’ of tagging. It’s very simple. All you have to do to use LinkedIn’s ‘tag’ feature is to start writing the name of the person or company you want to tag. LinkedIn will then showcase a drop-down list where you can select the profile you want to mention. Once you choose the desired profile, you can finish crafting up your message. You can then share the post or comment; the tagged profile will be easily accessible to everyone who views the post!

As such, you can use the tag feature for a variety of purposes. Ultimately, tagging is a useful tool that serves your network and career in the short- and long-term as well.