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How to Upload YouTube Shorts

upload Youtube shorts

If you’re interested in learning how to upload YouTube Shorts, then this guide is for you! Keep reading to learn how you can share short-form Youtube content from your desktop or mobile device.

Guide to Uploading YouTube Shorts on PC

If you’re creating videos on your computer, uploading a YouTube Short is very simple. The process is similar to publishing content on other platforms and social media websites. 

There are some constraints on the video files to consider before preparing your upload. For example, the maximum video length is 60 seconds, and you must shoot the content in portrait orientation. A 9:16 aspect ratio is ideal, and the description or title should contain #Shorts. 

After you have confirmed that your video meets the following requirements, follow these steps to upload it to YouTube Shorts:

  1. Log Into YouTube

Although the Shorts are a new feature, you will use your regular YouTube login when you sign in. Launch the website browser and go to the YouTube homepage – then enter your credentials to log in.

  1. Choose the File to Upload to Youtube Shorts

Once you are logged in, choose the Create icon and then click on select files. Now you can locate the video file that you wish to upload from where it is saved on your PC. 

Uploading Youtube shorts
Drag and drop video files to upload Youtube Short on a PC
  1. Tag the Video as a YouTube Short

To ensure that you share the video on the right platform, you must mark it as a ‘short’. When the details window appears, be sure to add #Shorts in the description field or title. 

Tag #Shorts on your Youtube Short video
  1. Prepare the Video Clip for Sharing

At this point, you can add relevant details and hashtags in the description. Similarly, select a thumbnail from the suggested images or upload a custom one of your choosing. When you click next, you will be given options for video elements that you can adjust accordingly.

  1. Share the YouTube Short

When you are ready to publish your video, click on the radio button under the Save or Publish section. You can also schedule the post for a later time – just let the platform know when you would like it to be shared and it is published automatically. 

If your selections have been finalized, click Save to upload the video.

How to Upload Youtube Shorts – Video walkthrough

Uploading a Youtube Short on the Youtube Mobile App

If you’re a creator on the go, you may be wondering – can you upload a YouTube Short from the mobile app? The short answer is yes! Simply follow these easy steps and you can share your videos directly from your smartphone or tablet. 

Note that the guidelines for the short-form videos are the same whether you upload them on the mobile app or from your PC. 

  1. Upload an Existing Video File

Start by opening the YouTube app and selecting the Create + button. From here, you can click upload and select a video file that is already saved on your mobile device – assuming it meets the criteria. 

Add the details to the title and description, including the #Shorts tag. When you are ready, click on upload to share the video. 

  1. Record a New YouTube Short

You can also create a new video directly in the YouTube app. Click on the + button and choose to create a short. You can set the speed and timer settings based on your needs, and press record when you are ready. 

Add text and sound overlays as desired and be sure to include the #Short tag in the title or description. If you are satisfied with your content, tap upload to share it on the platform.

If you want to add captions to your Youtube Short, then follow our guide.