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Why You Should Add Subtitles to Videos on LinkedIn

Why You Should Add Subtitles to Videos on LinkedIn

Sharing videos on LinkedIn allows you to engage with your customers, promote your brand, and build a following. You may have noticed that a lot of the videos shared on the platforms have subtitles. Why is it essential that you add captions to your videos on LinkedIn? Keep reading to find out!

What are Subtitles?

Subtitles refer to the text that appears on the bottom of your screen while you watch a video. They are used to translate the words that are being said in the audio so you can enjoy the content without needing to turn your sound on.

When subtitles are available, you can understand the words and meanings conveyed in the dialogue without actually having to listen to it. The most common uses for subtitles include translating video content and making video footage accessible to those with hearing impairments.

In other words, subtitles are a transcription of the audio portion of your video. Adding subtitles does not require you to alter the original audio but rather adds a new layer of context for your viewers to enjoy.

To transcribe any video, you can simply upload a video here on Milk Video.

Why You Should Add Subtitles on LinkedIn

So, why should you go through the effort of adding subtitles to the videos you share on LinkedIn?

For starters, most of your audience is going to watch the video without sound. In fact, 80% of viewers say they watch video content on social media without turning the audio on!

That means if you don’t add subtitles to your content, 80% of your audience won’t get the message that you are trying to convey. Even worse, they may just continue scrolling on to the next video when they realize that your content has no captions.

Simply put, if you don’t add subtitles to your video, you will be missing out on the opportunity to connect with a large portion of your target audience!

Another reason you need to add subtitles to your LinkedIn videos is that a large portion of the population is hearing impaired. Including captions with your content ensures that everything you post is accessible and that you can cater to the needs of everyone that watches your videos.

How to Add Subtitles Using Milk

The easiest way to add subtitles to your LinkedIn videos is to use Milk. All you need to do is upload the video file, and our platform will automatically add in the captions for you!

With just a push of a button, your content will have subtitles directly embedded in the video so that you can easily share it on LinkedIn.

How to Add Subtitles using LinkedIn

LinkedIn also allows you to add subtitles to your videos by uploading a separate file that contains the captions. When you go to share your content and select the video you wish to upload, there will be an option to add captions:

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Note that you will need a separate SRT file that can be uploaded for this to work. That’s why using Milk Video is the easiest way to add subtitles to your content!