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Creating a transcript is an important way to make your videos accessible to all your viewers while also ensuring that search engines can identify – and rank – your links and marketing content. Although it is important to transcribe the audio, you may be wondering how long it takes.

The short answer is it depends on the method you choose. Manually processes can take hours to complete since you will need to dedicate time and staff to combing through audio files and typing on the transcript. With Milk Video, however, you can automatically transcribe a video or audio file in just minutes!

Audio Transcriptions: How Long Do They Take?

So, you have to transcribe audio from a podcast or video – now what? How long will it take?

If you are going to type out the text manually it may take you quite a while. It will all depend on how fast you can type and how long the audio is.

However, you no longer need to rely on doing things the hard way. Instead, use technology like the platform provided by Milk Video to complete your audio transcripts in minutes!

Quickly Transcribe Audio with Milk Video

The most efficient way to generate audio transcripts is to use Milk Video. With just a push of a button, you can create an accurate transcript that can be shared on your website or wherever else your videos are posted.

Start by uploading your video or audio file to our platform. Once it is uploaded, the tool will automatically generate a transcript for you. The process only takes a few minutes or less, depending on the length or size of the file.

For example, if there are ten minutes worth of audio that needs to be transcribed, it may take about ten minutes to complete the process. The good news is that it does require any manual effort on your part, so you can focus on doing other work while the transcript is created!

Looking for the best ways to transcribe your audio file?

A handful of people assume that audio transcription is the easiest thing in the world. After all, what could be so complicated about listening to a bunch of words and putting them down on paper, right? 

Wrong! Granted, transcription is not rocket science. But it is something that requires speed and extreme focus. Apart from having the right level of concentration, you need to work with the right transcription tools. 

At the same time, you should ensure that the result is error-free. Transcribers have found that working with Milk Video as a tool of choice makes the job less cumbersome. Here is how to transcribe audio using Milk Video: 

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