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Today Milk Video, a web app for turning video recordings into highlights, announced $1.5 million in seed funding from Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder of Hubspot, and Y Combinator. Milk Video will use the funds to grow the engineering and go-to-market teams, build out world-class video design features for its customers, scale enterprise solutions, and develop third party integrations with video tools like Zoom. 

Founded in 2020, by Lenny Bogdonoff and Ross Cranwell, Milk Video helps companies turn their long-form video and audio recordings into digestible marketing and sales highlights used to drive traffic, leads, and sales. The platform makes it accessible for anyone to turn recordings into designed video snippets to be used for social media clips, virtual event recaps, and Zoom meeting summaries.

“The massive spike in webinars, Zooms, and virtual events has meant that hours of raw, unedited video content are sitting in archives completely underutilized.” said CTO and Co-founder Lenny Bogdonoff. “With Milk Video, go-to-market teams who don’t have professional design experience, can now edit, design and share video snippets from these recordings in minutes instead of hours.”

In addition to creating visually engaging clips with quality templates and styled captions, Milk Video also includes video hosting, multi-scene video highlights, custom font support, and many more features to support creators at early-stage companies and enterprises alike.

“I love tools that help you do things that you know you should be doing — but you don’t, because it’s too annoying. Milk Video unlocks the full potential of video for marketers and sales teams by pulling highlights in seconds. Milk Video makes it easy to get more out of the video content you already have. It’s the way this should have worked all along,” said Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder of Hubspot.

“With apps like TikTok, we’ve seen how individuals can quickly edit and design video – but the B2B space falls far behind in this area,” said CEO and Co-founder Ross Cranwell. “60-minute webinars may be the norm now, but short-form, engaging content is the future for marketers to drive awareness and for sales and customer success teams to drive revenue and product adoption.”

In addition to Hubspot Co-founder Dharmesh Shah and Y Combinator, Milk Video funders include Optimizely Co-founders Pete Koomen and Dan Siroker, Wistia CEO and Founder Chris Savage, Danial Gross’s Pioneer, Squad Founder and Product at Twitter, Esther Crawford, Breather Co-founder Julien Smith, Derrick Li, Evan Conrad, Andrew Badr, Ted Benson, Payman Nejati and Sharon Li, Craig Cannon, Jenny 8 Lee, Victoria Ku, Ryan Dawidjan, Benjamin Thompson, Austin Esecson, Jason Barry, Lisha Li through Amplify‘s Explorer fund, Blaine Vess, Roman Rosario, Walter Chen, Kulveer Taggar, Alejandro Leon, Mila Ferrell, Cough Drop Capital, Taurus Ventures, Altair Capital, Amino Capital, First Row Partners and others. 

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We’ve heard from our users that design is of massive importance when putting out video content — so we’ve made it that one bit easier to put out great looking content.

Introducing Video Templates.

On Milk Video, you can now clip a video and go through 4 steps to turn it into a video like you see below.

Get started with your first clip – or read on.

How Video Templates Work

Step 1: Upload video to process transcription

Step 2: Clip your video

Step 3: Choose a template

Step 3: Edit your headline

Step 4: Add a logo

Step 5: Download and share

So now, once you finish your webinar or Zoom call, just upload it to Milk and have a designed clip to share with your team or your prospects in minutes.

With everyone working at lightning pace and moving from one project to the next, it’s crucial to turn content around quickly — and Milk Video helps you do that.

Give it a try now..

Today the Milk Video team got together to discuss how to create customer testimonials, as well as to show off some product updates. Here are the highlights:

Why create customer testimonials?

So why are customer testimonials so important in the first place? How can you use them to promote your business or product? Ross shares some of his thoughts on the subject

Gathering testimonials strategy #1: Zoom

So how do you get new video testimonials from your clients and partners? Ross discusses how to solicit quick and easy feedback from a tool we’ve all come to know and love – Zoom!

Gathering testimonials strategy #2: Archive digging

It can take time to collect customer testimonials from your customers. But wait, don’t you already have a bunch of recordings in your archives where your customers are singing your praises? Ross discusses how you can reuse those recordings

Creating a customer testimonial from a zoom call in Milk Video

Here Ross walks us through a quick example of creating a customer testimonial video from a zoom recording.

Creating a customer testimonial from archived recordings in Milk Video

Next Ross walks us through creating a customer testimonial from an archived recording

Pre built video templates!

Lenny shares a great upcoming feature – pre-built templates! Keep your eyes out for these in the next week!

Full video

Want to watch the full thing? Here you go!

Customer testimonials are one of the most authentic and engaging types of marketing. Keep reading to learn more about what they are, how to design them with Milk Video, and the best places to share your finished product!

What is a Testimonial?

A testimonial is a quote from a client – in written or video form – that expresses their satisfaction with your brand, products, and services. These positive reviews include information that explains why the customer was happy with their experience, so other potential buyers know what to expect.

Testimonials can cover everything from the buying process to the products themselves. The idea is that these positive quotes will encourage customers that are on the fence about your brand to make a purchase. They can go a long way in building trust and credibility!

Preparing your Testimonial

To see the best results, you need to create authentic and engaging content. Here are the answers to the most common questions about how to prepare your testimonials:

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Does your brand need a highlight video to showcase your products and engage with your customers? If so, then you need to know how to create a video highlight reel! At Milk Video, we have you covered – our tools can help you easily build the content you need so you can focus on running your business.

What are Video Highlight Reels

Video highlight reels are a type of content that strings together clips from other media. Each video clip is organized to make the final product look seamless, even though they were pulled from different content.

Highlight reels typically include an overlay of music to tie the finished video together and express the message your brand is trying to get across.

What Can They Be Used For?

You may be wondering, what can you use a highlight reel for?

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