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Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2022 What’s the biggest benefit of LinkedIn as a social networking platform? LinkedIn users are on the platform for a specific purpose.  They want to find solutions, form connections and share their information with others. If you can provide the answers they’re looking for, you’ll achieve a significant return […]

How do you engage your audience on Linkedin? Content & Creative Strategist, Danielle Messler shared her tips and tricks with me this morning from her experiences at Profitwell, Nuff’ Said and her current consulting company. This clip was created using Milk Video.

Looking for video content ideas for your business? We’ve got you covered with a whoppinglist of 37 video content ideas that you can use to create engaging, and highly sharablevideos. 1. Create a customer testimonial Get a quick Zoom testimonial from a client to create your own customer testimonial. A testimonial need not be long, […]

Sharing videos on LinkedIn allows you to engage with your customers, promote your brand, and build a following. You may have noticed that a lot of the videos shared on the platforms have subtitles. Why is it essential that you add captions to your videos on LinkedIn? Keep reading to find out! What are Subtitles? […]

Videos are one of the best ways to engage with your followers and build your audience on LinkedIn – but how do you post them? This guide will teach you how to share a video on the LinkedIn platform. 1.  Start By Choosing the Video You Want to Post Before you start the process to […]

Video ads are a key component of any successful marketing strategy. Keep reading to learn more about video ads on LinkedIn, including what they are, why you should leverage them in your marketing campaigns, and the best practices for creating the right content. What are Video Ads on LinkedIn? LinkedIn video ads allow you to […]