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Customer Testimonials – Milk Video Team Stream #3

Today the Milk Video team got together to discuss how to create customer testimonials, as well as to show off some product updates. Here are the highlights:

Why create customer testimonials?

So why are customer testimonials so important in the first place? How can you use them to promote your business or product? Ross shares some of his thoughts on the subject

Gathering testimonials strategy #1: Zoom

So how do you get new video testimonials from your clients and partners? Ross discusses how to solicit quick and easy feedback from a tool we’ve all come to know and love – Zoom!

Gathering testimonials strategy #2: Archive digging

It can take time to collect customer testimonials from your customers. But wait, don’t you already have a bunch of recordings in your archives where your customers are singing your praises? Ross discusses how you can reuse those recordings

Creating a customer testimonial from a zoom call in Milk Video

Here Ross walks us through a quick example of creating a customer testimonial video from a zoom recording.

Creating a customer testimonial from archived recordings in Milk Video

Next Ross walks us through creating a customer testimonial from an archived recording

Pre built video templates!

Lenny shares a great upcoming feature – pre-built templates! Keep your eyes out for these in the next week!

Full video

Want to watch the full thing? Here you go!