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11 Places To Share Your Videos

11 places to share videos

Videos are a powerful form of media that have dominated the internet for their capacity to reach and impact millions. They’re an ideal tool to use when looking to get a message out, serving as an easily accessible and distributable form of content.While some may see video marketing to be made for limited use, there are actually a lot of ways you share your videos.

1. Website

Websites aren’t just for written information and submission forms – they can be an invaluable tool for sharing video as well. Using your website for this purpose can serve as an easy way to house and centralize your content, and has the capacity to be similarly beneficial to your SEO potential.

Share your video via your own website

2. Facebook

While not solely designed for video sharing, Facebook is still a great means of distributing this type of content online. It’s particularly special in the way that it can support longer video lengths in comparison to other social media platforms, making it a relevant and practical place to upload longer pieces on your socials.

share video via facebook

3. Reddit

Reddit can be especially helpful in efforts to distribute content to specific audiences, as its group and subgroup culture allows you to delve into specific interests and demographics.

share video via reddit

4. Emails

Using video in marketing emails is a unique way to stand apart from the crowd and make an impact with your audience. It’s also super easy to do, and can be further facilitated through the likes of most email marketing tools.

share video via email

5. Instagram

Although it was initially used to share pictures, Instagram has significantly evolved since its inception to become a platform that allows users to share a broad range of media. Whether it’s through a video post, Instagram Story or Reel, the app boasts multiple ways you can reach your audience.

share video via instagram

6. Twitter

In terms of fostering the most connections possible, Twitter is an ideal platform on which to conduct video marketing. It’s prominent hashtag system allows users to share, retweet and respond to uploaded content in a way that can generate serious reach results.

share video via twitter

7. Vimeo

Vimeo is a prominent video sharing platform that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to getting video content out there. As a primarily video based platform it’s perfect for engaging in and reaping the benefits from all this form of marketing has to offer.

share video via vimeo

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is an extremely popular resource for many, and can prove to be just as valuable in video marketing efforts if used the right way. Its original approach to the communication of ideas has made it an amazing way to connect with different topics and interests.

share video via pintrest

9. Imgur

Imgur is a lesser known yet good site for sharing video or GIF content, allowing users to upload content in both private and public means. Its structure is similar to Reddit, honing a comparable ability to increase post visibility and virality.

site to upload video, via Imgur

10. Mix

A successor to StumbleUpon, Mix is a fun platform that organizes content by interests. It is relatively unique, and is a great place to get content out through public-facing collections. 

Share video on Mix

11. YouTube

While this may seem like the most obvious option, it’s still worth noting for its prevalence and ability to deliver value. Even if you’re present on every other video platform out there, you’ll still likely be missing out on a huge segment of the market if you’re not using YouTube to distribute content.

Share video via YouTube

As these are just some of the great tools you can leverage to get your content out there, you’re at no shortage of prolific options to choose from. Just remember, if you can upload a video file on it, you can use it to your advantage as a video marketing platform.