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How to Add Captions to YouTube Shorts

add captions to youtube shorts

Are you looking for the most efficient way to caption YouTube shorts? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post focuses on the importance of captions and how you can use Milk Video to incorporate them into your content quickly and accurately. 

Let’s dive in!

What are YouTube Shorts

Before we get into the specifics of captioning and the exciting tools that Milk Video provides, you may be wondering, what are YouTube shorts?

If you are familiar with YouTube, you know that it is a world-renowned platform that allows users to share videos online. The emergence of new social media apps like TikTok and Instagram has increased competition in the industry, though. As a result, they have launched YouTube Shorts to expand their user base and remain relevant. 

YouTube Shorts (Youtube Short Videos) allows anyone to create short videos – averaging 60 seconds or less – directly from their mobile phone or other devices. The Shorts camera is built directly into the YouTube app, so creating these videos is fast, easy, and convenient.

The idea is to help creators share trends like dance challenges, comedy sketches, and more in a way that mirrors Reels on Instagram or videos on TikTok. Similarly, the platform allows you to sample audio clips and songs from eligible content so that you can add a soundtrack to the video. 

You don’t need any expensive equipment or a large following to create a YouTube Short. All you need is your smartphone and an idea, and you can share it with audiences across the globe. Like your other YouTube content, other viewers can watch your Shorts on the platform’s homepage, in the dedicated Shorts Tab within the app, or on your channel.

See how to upload Youtube shorts here.

Why Captions are Important

It is also necessary to address another question related to captions and YouTube shorts: why are captions so important? The two most valuable reasons to caption YouTube shorts are to improve accessibility and increase the views on your content.

Improve Accessibility

Adding captions to your YouTube Shorts allows you to make the content accessible to all types of viewers. Many people have hearing impairments or other disabilities that can make it difficult for them to enjoy content without captions – so simply providing them ensures that they have the same experience as everyone else. 

In other words, captions ensure that those who are deaf or hard of hearing can understand the message behind your video and engage with your brand. 

Depending on the type of content you are creating, you may also be legally required to add captions to your videos. Doing so allows you to comply with accessibility regulations that help those with disabilities gain access to videos and other online media.  

Increase the Views on Your Content

Did you know that adding captions to your YouTube Shorts can also help you increase the number of views? 

Think about the last time you were browsing social media or YouTube in a public place. There’s a good chance you couldn’t turn the volume on, and it can be frustrating to see an interesting video that you can’t hear the audio for. 

Captions address this issue and help users understand what is said in your video –  regardless of whether they turn the volume up. That means the next time someone is browsing the web without headphones on they won’t just scroll past your content!

How to Add Them Using Milk Video

So, what’s the best way to add captions to YouTube shorts? 

Milk Video provides a user-friendly and feature-rich platform that makes it easy for you to add captions to your YouTube content. Our goal is to help you make your videos accessible and SEO-friendly – without the manual work!

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload the YouTube Short to Milk Video

The first thing you need to do is upload your content to our platform. Simply navigate to the saved file on your device and upload it to Milk Video where it will automatically transcribe the youtube short.

Upload from YouTube via Milk Video

  1. Select the Section You Need to Caption

After you upload the video, you can select the segment to add captions to. Choose a portion of the video or the entire clip – whatever makes the most sense for your content. 

Clip selection you need to caption via Milk Video
  1. Add to Template

Next, you can add the captioned clip to your template. This feature allows you to combine various clips or cut longer videos into smaller files that are ideal for YouTube Shorts. 

Add to a template on Milk Video
  1. Export your Captioned Video

Once you hit export, you will have a new video file that contains captions!

Export your captioned video from Milk Video

As you can see, Milk Video allows you to add captions to YouTube Shorts with just the click of a button. Upload your first video clip today so that you can try it out for free!