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Do You Need to Hire a Video Agency?

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Videos are an integral part of any marketing strategy – so the question is not whether you should create video content for your brand, but rather how to go about it. Since video is a relatively newer form of marketing, especially when it comes to social media, many marketers assume they need to hire a video agency.

This guide will review why agencies are great for scripted content and high-quality reels – but might not be the right solution for day-to-day marketing. In fact, the best strategy is to share lower quality but more frequent videos!

What’s the Hype About Video Agencies?

Although most marketing teams agree that video advertising is the future, it can be intimidating to get started. Sure, it is perhaps the most powerful marketing channel your brand has access to, but where do you even start?

Sharing blog posts and traditional content marketing is much more comfortable. You don’t have to be in front of a camera, and you can carefully select SEO keywords and ensure all grammatical errors are edited out.

Video marketing can make your business feel much more exposed, though, and this leads many marketers to believe that they need to hire a video agency to help. It’s the only way to get high-quality content that won’t embarrass your brand, right?

These fears make marketers feel like they must spend loads of money producing video content, but in reality, that just leaves them with a handful of reels that don’t make a big impact. It’s too simply too infrequent to get the traction you are looking for. 

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Consider the Way We Watch Videos

Another reason that you don’t need to hire a video agency for your video marketing is that the way we watch videos has changed dramatically. Brands are no longer limited to airing commercials on tv – video content can be shared instantly for your audience to enjoy on their smartphones. 

Not only does that mean people can watch your videos anytime, anywhere, but it also means that there is more competition. To be successful with video marketing, you need to do more than share an occasional video ad.

In other words, it needs to be part of your core business strategy rather than a marketing tactic you use every once in a while! Your audience wants to see different content that keeps them engaged while they scroll on their phones. 

Unfortunately, outsourcing this type of content to a video agency will create a bottleneck that will prevent you from meeting the demand – and reaping the benefits of regular engagement online. 

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Authenticity is the Best Way to Engage

Hiring a video agency can also make it difficult to create truly authentic content. No one knows your brand better than you, and your in-house marketing team is perfectly positioned to share the unique videos your viewers want to see.

For example, consider sharing personalized videos to help people better use your products. These tips and tricks are best delivered by your team, not by a paid actor! The goal is to make your audience feel connected, not like they are being sold to.  

Consumers are no longer interested in corporate sales pitches or cookie-cutter ads. They want to engage with brands that take a conversational approach to their videos because it feels more personal and authentic. 

When you rely on third-party agencies to produce scripted videos, your audience will know it – and be less receptive to the marketing campaign. Instead, speak directly to them and create an authentic environment that brings them into your world. 

Use the data you already have about your buyers and tailor your videos to them. Building personal experiences around your marketing videos can help your audience connect with you in ways they never thought possible, and it will directly translate to higher conversion rates! 

Similarly, take the time to review your landing pages and see where you can add videos. The goal is to make their browsing experience engaging, so don’t spend time and money making passive and generalized content. Let your viewers comment, share, and respond to the videos on your site – interactiveness is key.

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So, do you need to hire a video agency to make content for your marketing campaigns and social media posts? The short answer is no – you don’t. Although they may have fancy equipment and access to professional actors, they can’t replace the authenticity of your brand that your customers want to see!