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Ultimate Event Tech List for 2021

Planning an event involves a lot of effort and resources – but having the right tech on your side can make things easier. This guide will cover the ultimate tech list for 2021, broken down into categories ranging from event marketing and booking to virtual event platforms!

Event Marketing

Event marketing tech tools can help you improve your messaging, content, and outreach before an event. Implementing this software allows you to streamline promotions for events, conferences, and trade shows. They even integrate with CRM platforms to ensure that you can maximize engagement!


If you’re looking for software that simplifies every aspect of event marketing, consider Cvent! It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a virtual conference or an in-person event – everything you need to engage with your audience and sponsors is right at your fingertips.


Another popular marketing tool is Eventbrite. You probably recognize the name since it is well-known in the online ticketing and advertising space. The platform is accessible via mobile and setting up event alerts, reminders, and registration options is a breeze.

Other Event Marketing Tech: Constant Contact, InEvent, Eventzilla, Bizzabo, PheedLoop, and Splash.

Lead Retrieval

Part of running a successful event is gathering information about attendees. These are potential leads, after all! These lead retrieval platforms help you automate the data collection process and eliminate unnecessary manual inputs.


Hubilo is one of the top lead retrieval tech solutions in 2021. It allows your brand to engage with your audience while deriving valuable insights from the data you collect. They are a market leader for both hybrid and virtual events, so they can benefit a wide variety of businesses.


Boomset is an all-in-one solution that includes everything you need to manage a successful event. Of course, that also includes lead retrieval solutions. The digital business card scanning tech can help you drive prospect generation and improve your bottom line.

Other Lead Retrieval Platforms: iCapture, atEvent, Socio, and Integrate Precision Events.

Event Booking

Event booking systems are just what they sound like – they help your organization simplify setup for conferences, meetings, and more. Most tools include registration processes and payment capabilities to ensure a seamless booking process.


When budget constraints are concerned, you must use a tool that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for the price. This is where Eventsquid comes in – they offer a booking system that is very flexible but has predictable and reasonable pricing. It includes everything from customized registration to payment processing!


Another must-have event booking system for venues is Tripleseat. This platform is specifically designed for the needs of restaurants and hotels, so the focus is boosting revenue while simplifying the booking process.

Hospitality event managers everywhere are leveraging this software to manage events, from start to finish!

Other Event Booking Software: Planning Pod, HoneyBook, Arlo, AudienceView, and Event Booking Engines.

Event Check-In

One of the first things your conference attendees must do is check in to your event. You must use the right tech that will speed up this process while also allowing you to collect all the information you need.


The Aventri platform allows you to drive real-time engagement and includes robust analytics. It can streamline your check-in process while also giving you feedback about the success of your event!


Another great check-in solution is ThunderTix. This option caters to music venues and aims to boost efficiency at the box office. It manages everything from reserved seating to concessions, so you can meet all the needs of your attendees.

Other Event Check-In Tech: Showpass, ConferenceAdit, InEvent, and idloom-events.

Conference Intelligence Software

Conference intelligence software is becoming a must-have for event organizers in 2021. This tech enables sales teams to boost their presence at trade shows and conferences by helping them connect with prospects and clients. While some solutions are sold as standalone products, most will integrate with your CRM platform so you can make the most out of the data you collect during your event.


When it comes to conference intelligence software in a virtual world, Jifflenow is leading the pack. It handles everything from scheduling and event management to analyzing how the meeting went. As a result, you get a seamless event experience that will help you improve in the future.


Another global leader in this space is Aventri. This end-to-end solution is driven by data and aims to help your business plan, promote, deliver, and measure all your events. The platform is completely integrated, so everything from marketing and registration to attendee engagement is housed in one software.

Other Conference Intelligence Software: Cvent, DataFox, Eventory, and Integrate Precision Events.

Event Management

So, you’ve planned your event and marketed it – now what? Once the day of the conference arrives, you need to rely on tech to manage it. Event management solutions are especially helpful for large-scale events like trade shows, festivals, and conferences that require careful monitoring of several moving parts. For example, you will need to keep track of exhibitor registrations, attendee payments, the agenda, and more.


When you need to create branded experiences that are engaging and optimize conversions, consider Splash. This technology lets you manage events that not only bring in more leads and drive new business but also enhance your relationship with existing clients!


Bizzabo is designed to help you take charge of your event’s success. It facilitates in-person and virtual experiences by using personalization and intelligent features to boost engagement. With this tech, you can empower your event organizers to use these experiences to drive results.

Other Event Management Solutions: Socio, Bevy, InEvent, Hubilo, and PheedLoop.

Mobile Events App

It’s no secret that mobile events apps are the future of virtual and in-person experiences. Everyone prefers to look at agendas, maps, and other important event information on their mobile devices – so why not use tech that lets you build an app without any complex coding?


CrowdCompass is a mobile events app offered by Cvent that allows you to increase engagement and boost ROI. They are the top app developer for tradeshows, conferences, and more since they deliver a comprehensive management solution.


If you prefer an all-in-one solution that includes mobile app support, check out Whova. This tech provides tools that enhance your marketing and registration capabilities, saving you time and effort. The platform is modern and trendy too!

Other Mobile Event Apps: Hopin, Bizzabo, Eventee, Attendify, and EventMobi.

Virtual Event Platforms

Virtual events have become the new normal due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure your organization can keep up by investing in a virtual event platform that can facilitate the planning, promotion, and execution of online conferences. Doing this right will ensure that your virtual experiences are just as valuable as those you would hold in person!


One of the leading virtual event platforms is 6Connex. The cloud-based tech lets you expand your reach while driving engagement – whether you need a virtual environment or a place to hold webinars, this system has you covered.


Hopin is an all-in-one tool designed for virtual events. It can closely replicate the in-person experience by offering receptions, individual sessions, expo areas, and more. These unique spaces deliver different levels of interactions for your speakers and attendees.

Other Virtual Event Platforms: Cvent, Whova, Hubilo, Socio, and EventMobi.

Venue Management

Venue management systems enable companies to rent out their spaces and schedule conferences, meetings, and more. These platforms must facilitate communication with third parties and ensure that invoicing, facility management, and booking runs smoothly.


If you run a hotel, restaurant, or another venue that can be rented, check out Tripleseat. They help brands of all sizes grow their event businesses and streamline the planning and execution process.

Other Venue Management Tech: Skedda, Planning Pod, Aisle Planner, and Dude Solutions Event Management.

Audience Response Software

Audience response software is how you engage with your attendees and boost interactions. This can include everything from polls and surveys to complete Q&A sessions. The goal is to make things interactive so that you can have a more successful and memorable event!


Are you looking for a way to make your content more immersive and engaging? If so, consider Quizizz – a tech solution that helps you get instant feedback while keeping the interactions fun and competitive.


Mentimeter can also help you develop interactive presentations that incorporate questions, polls, gifs, and more. This tech is easy to use and is completely free, so try it out for your next lecture or conference.

Other Audience Response Software: Slido, Vevox, Kahoot!, Glisser, Crowdpurr, and Array.

Event Planning

What if you need help planning your event? Event planning tech can help your team determine the logistics for a conference, meeting, or exhibit. Whether you need to allocate resources, come up with a schedule, or track payments, you must use software that can manage it all in one place. is a simple interface that allows you to easily manage an event. Your teams can collaborate, integrate with other systems and CRM platforms, customize workflows, and build processes. It’s ideal for planning your next event!


PheedLoop is another tech option for event planning. It covers everything from registration and mobile app launches to floor plans and automated surveys. This system ensures that you have a true end-to-end management solution.

Other Event Planning Tech: Boomsete, Eventzilla, AllSeated, and Odoo Events.

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