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Guide to Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars is the perfect technology to host a presentation, meeting, or another event online. It allows you to set the stage and interact with your viewers – without keeping the focus on slides. This ultimate guide to Zoom Webinars will help you understand what they are, how to use them, and how much it costs.

What is a Zoom Webinar

Let’s start by reviewing the basics of a Zoom Webinar: what is it?

A Zoom Webinar is a tool that allows you to broadcast a meeting up to an impressive 10,000 viewers! Unlike a zoom meeting that involves each participant sharing their video and audio feeds, a webinar limits these capabilities to the host and panelists. 

These individuals can share their screens, audio, and video while the other attendees can engage via chat and the Q&A feature. Since this technology is geared towards those that need to reach a large audience at one time, it offers additional capabilities like registration and feedback collection. 

Whether you are hosting a conference, a company-wide meeting, or a shareholder presentation, a Zoom Webinar is the ideal choice for getting your message across!

How to use Zoom Webinars

So, how do you use Zoom Webinars?

The first thing you must do is choose the time, date, and topic for your presentation. You can require attendees to register ahead of time, but you don’t have to set it up that way. However, advanced registration will allow you to charge a fee and collect valuable viewer information!

Next, you will need to market your event by sharing the registration link with clients, prospects, and even on social media. 

During your presentation, you can interact with your attendees through the chat feature. Likewise, the Q&A tool can help you boost engagement and narrow the focus of your presentation. 

After your event, follow up with your attendees and collect feedback. What did they like? What could be improved? This valuable information will help you make your next Zoom Webinar an even greater success!


Now that you understand what a Zoom Webinar is and how to use it, let’s review its specific features in greater detail. 

For starters, Zoom Webinars are geared towards helping you grow your business. If you enable the registration feature, you can collect the contact information from all the attendees – and automatically push them to your CRM system. 

You can even monetize your presentations by charging a fee to register so you can do things like host a fitness class or another type of group seminar.  

It also gives you a chance to promote your brand by letting you customize your registration and other landing pages. Add your company logo or watermark and encourage participants to share the link on social media – the goal here is to gather as many viewers as possible!

The in-session chat and Q&A features ensure that you can engage with your audience even if they aren’t using their videos. If you prefer, you can promote attendees to panelists so they can share their screens and audio. 

Zoom Webinars also provide tools to measure your success, such as reports that track attendance, viewer engagement, survey responses, and more.


The pricing for Zoom Webinars starts at $1,400 per year, per license. This package allows you to host anywhere from 500 to 10,000 attendees, and there is no time limit per session. It also includes live streaming, cloud recording options, and CRM integrations. 

If you aim to host larger-scale events with up to 50,000 viewers, you will need to contact the sales team at Zoom to determine the pricing.

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