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5 Coworkers You Should Ask for Content Ideas This Week

5 Coworkers to ask for content

For small marketing teams, coming up with fresh content ideas is always a challenge. Everything feels like it’s been done before, and we’re so in the weeds that everything starts to look the same.

For fresh ideas, think outside the marketing team. Customer Success, Sales, and Product interact with customers and prospects in an entirely different way than you do.

Some of the best and most unique content ideas come from their insights from interacting with customers and prospects on the front lines.

Here’s 5 people you should reach out to today:

Customer Success Managers

CSMs can be a goldmine of insights. They know your customers and how they use the product better than anyone. What to ask:

  • What trends are you seeing across our use cases?
  • Who are our most successful customers? What did our product help them do?


Sales has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the audience you’re trying to reach. Ask them:

  • What content do you wish you had to help close deals?
  • What’s the hardest objection to overcome?

Product Managers

Product Managers are closest to the problems your customers are facing. Leverage that relationship by asking:

  • What’s the next big priority on our roadmap? What will it help our customers do?
  • What are the biggest problems we help our customers solve?


Thought leadership is a hugely effective way to stand out and capture attention, and your CEO should have a pulse on the market you’re serving. Ask for their insights on:

  • Where do you see our industry in five years?
  • What trends are you seeing in the market?

People Ops or HR

Help create content that attracts top talent by show casing your culture and proactively answering their questions. Get insights from people ops or HR by asking:

  • What do prospective team mates want to know about the company?
  • What makes people join our company?

Bonus Tip: Have them record their answers via video or audio for a faster turn around time. Create a clip for them to share on their social channels using Milk Video.

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