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Best lengths for videos on every social platform

To make the most of your video marketing strategy, you’ll need to figure out what video length is best for the channels you’re on and your audience’s preferences.

Social media is the perfect platform for content repurposing. The easiest way to get started with video content on social media is to take longer videos, like a webinar recording or a podcast interview, pull a few highlights, and turn them into short-form clips.

But what length should you go for? How long should your average clip be?

On social media, you’re in a competition for attention. So it’s no surprise that it’s recommended for you to keep it short and sweet with video content.

Here’s the recommended lengths for each platform, according to our friends at HootSuite:


  • Max 30 seconds



  • 44 Seconds



  • Video: 1 minute
  • Reels: 15-60 Seconds


  • Less than a minute


  • 7 Seconds

Bonus: we created a cheat sheet for you to keep on hand to remember the lengths for each platform, just download and save!