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The Best Content Marketing Tools (that you may not be using) in 2022

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Content marketing has been around for longer than you may think it has. It is all about storytelling and selling things through those stories. That is how your customers discover the products you want them to buy.

You may think that all you really need to do this is a word processing tool like Word or Google Docs for your writing. And a design tool like Canva to get the images.

These apps are not only boring, but they are also insufficient in today’s hyper-competitive world.

You might have the best market strategy in the world—but a tech stack with only the basic tools is a recipe for failure. Fatten your tech stack with these up-and-coming apps that you need to know about.

If you are serious about content marketing, asynchronous video is worth a hard look. lets you create engaging video content and sent it out to your teams and customers with one blast. With Tella, you can record your best work in your browser and share it instantly. You can post your demos, sales pitches, and product updates on Twitter, TikTok or anywhere with just a click. You can find a vast collection of Tella templates with just a Google search. And Tella has published over two dozen asynchronous video templates in its blog. These are the tools that can get your campaigns up and running in hours instead of weeks. These are the tools that can get your campaigns up and running in hours instead of weeks. 

Tella lets you edit videos like a pro. You do not need to have any video editing experience to create a masterpiece. Cut your scenes precisely. Choose exciting camera styles. Hone your video layout. Even combine many clips in one video. Record your screen and a camera at once. Import from your best slide decks.

Is your company drowning in meetings? Tella may have the cure. The app gives you dozens of templates for asynchronous meetings—the cure for Zoom fatigue. Such meetings eliminate all those cash-burning meetings which could have been just an email. They let you maximize your team’s efficiency by expanding the time available for generating revenue.

Over two thousand content creators, startups, and teams are already recording marketing videos with Tella. And most of them are so happy that they are willing to share. They have posted their work and instructions for creating it on the Tella site. You can browse hundreds of the best videos that have been created using this app and its tools. If you look, you may well be captivated. You are welcome to steal any of their ideas, too!


ContentFly increases your organization’s revenue by giving you access to great marketing content from highly-rated professionals. This app lets you get content people that want to read. Say goodbye to blog spam and keyword stuffing! Whether you need blog posts, social posts, or email copy, ContentFly gives you engaging content that people care about. 

The ContentFly workflow consists of three simple steps: make a request, get it written by pros, and receive your content. The app gives you an easy-to-use dashboard where you can formulate and send your request. Then their editorial team finds the best writer for the job. Your content then gets written. All you need to do is sit back, and within days you will receive the content you need.

More than two thousand companies have already become satisfied customers according to their website.

Jasper is an easy-to-use app that moves the job of writing content to the world of AI. Artificial intelligence makes it quick and easy to create great content for your blog, social media, website, and more!

Why limit your reach to the US alone? Jasper also lets you market to the non-English speaking world. It can write just as clearly in over two dozen languages as it can in English.

Jasper’s artificial intelligence has learned to write and deliver original, creative content marketing copy. Its trainers have been the best SEO and Direct Response professionals in the world.  It can speed up your content pipeline by generating blog articles that are bursting with keywords and free of plagiarism. With Jasper, you can finish your first draft up to five times faster. You can create great content by using copy written 80% by Jasper and then edited 20% by humans.

Jasper has caught the content marketing world by storm. It is used by over 50,000 marketing pros at companies so well-known you probably hold stock in them.

Milk Video

Milk Video is a video marketing platform that turns podcasts and webinars into video highlights in minutes. Milk makes it incredibly seamless to extract value from your existing video assets like interviews, podcasts, and webinars. There’s also a feature you can use that generates a link for you to capture recordings. Even if you don’t have existing video content to work with, you can easily ask your clients to remotely record testimonials or interview your CEO about market trends.

Milk automatically transcribes your videos and adds captions, too – a massive time saver. The best part? You can upload your own brand kit, including colors and fonts, so your clips will always be well designed and on brand.

Banner Bear

Bannerbear builds APIs for generating and processing both image and video-based marketing resources. Its software lets any organization automate and scale its content-marketing operations.

Banner bear lets you import existing data and then generate graphic assets for use in social media. You can either design your own template or use one from Banner Bear’s existing library. You then feed in data and use the Banner Bear API to generate images based upon that template. The output images will use many different texts, colors, gradients, and backgrounds. This output becomes the content of one or more of your marketing campaigns.

Banner Bear also includes a tool that reads an RSS feed and then generates Instagram stories based on that feed. It lets you transform a Twitter feed into original visual social media content for other social media platforms. You can also feed Banner bear data from an API and have it generate a host of screenshots you can use in your campaigns.

There are hundreds of other Banner Bear use cases. What they all have in common is that you feed parameters in, and then harvest mountains of useful marketing resources with almost zero effort.


You may have heard the saying that research is easier than guesswork—that’s Buzzsumo’s motto. Buzzsumo is a content marketer’s best friend. It is a tool that lets you find the content that works and then leverage it to provide more revenue.  With it you can generate ideas and create high-performing marketing content. Then you can monitor your content’s performance and identify the most powerful influencers using it. You can leverage what works and bury what does not.

Buzzsumo lets you browse topics, trends, and forums. It shows you what is working and what is not. You can use it to learn about viral trends and extend your search as far back as five years. In fact, it has the largest index of social engagement data in the world—all available for you to browse and learn from. You can even use Buzzsumo to analyze the top content that works for your competition.


Up until now if you wanted to understand the sites, resources, and hashtags that influence your customers, you would have to commit many resources to research—which could take months or longer. Those days are gone.

Sparktoro analyzes millions of public social and web profiles to reveal demographics, behavioral traits, discussion topics, and other crucial audience research in seconds.

Sparktoro is an audience research tool. It shows you who your customers are, what drives them, and what they do.  It reveals the websites your customers visit, the social media accounts they engage with, and even the hashtags that they use the most. You can use this intelligence to create and leverage marketing content that will work best for the customers you want.

Sparktoro is becoming popular right out of the gate. More than 1300 marketing agencies are already using Sparktoro. They know that the best way to generate site traffic is to leverage the audience of others. Sparktoro easily shows you who those others are with its pinpoint search and leveraging tools.


No marketing pro has the time to find great content to share–each and every day. Quuu saves you the time and resources it can take to find truly effective content to share on social media. Quuu has built a library of effective curated content over the course of years. Then they have used machine learning to create an A.I. genius to curate the data. They named it Robin.

As a Quuu customer, you can use Robin to find relevant blog posts, podcasts, and videos daily. You can choose to review that content or have Robin post for you automatically. Just connect the social media accounts you want to use and set a schedule. Robin works with Buffer, Hootsuite, HubSpot, and a host of other tools. If you do not want to use these tools, you can connect Robin directly and it will post for you.

Robin knows not a few, but over six hundred categories of interests that you can use with the social profiles that you create–everything from animation to zoology. You do not even have to choose your own—Robin will analyze your accounts and suggest up to six relevant topics for each one.


Do you still want to use Google Docs and Canva for your marketing plan? The above tools offer everything a content marketer needs to meet and beat the competition. Using these tools is like having a staff of dozens of data scientists to back you up in today’s cutthroat marketplace. They are scalable, powerful, and require minimal intervention due to their AI deep learning and integration.

Discover these tools today. Thousands of companies and teams already have.