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How to Turn a Zoom into a Podcast Clip in Minutes

How to Turn a Zoom into a Podcast Clip in Minutes

Did you know you can turn a Zoom recording into a podcast clip in just minutes? Perhaps you just held a virtual conference or an educational event – think about how convenient it would be if you could repurpose that content into a podcast. At Milk Video we can help you do just that, all you need to do is follow these simple steps!  

1. Upload Zoom to Milk Video

The first thing you need to do to turn your Zoom into a podcast is to upload the file to Milk Video

Start by locating the saved file on your desktop or another storage device. Select this file and choose upload to automatically turn the recording into text. There is no need to break this file up into multiple clips, as our convenient tools can help you do that in the next step. 

Upload zoom video to create a podcast clip, turn zoom recording  into a podcast recording

2. Identify the Moment You Want to Turn into a Podcast Clip

Once you have uploaded the zoom content to Milk Video, it is time to choose the moments you want to turn into a podcast clip. There may be parts of the zoom meeting you wish to exclude, like introductions, Q&A sessions, or other portions of the content. With our tools, you can seamlessly identify the most impactful portions of the zoom meeting and convert them into a podcast clip.

Don’t worry about choosing clips that aren’t continuous – we can help you put those together in the next step. All you need to worry about is picking the moments that will help bring your podcast together!

highlight the podcast clip, create a podcast clip, create clips from zoom recording

3. Select the Podcast Template from Milk

At Milk Video, we offer a wide variety of templates to help you build your content. After you have carefully selected which clips from your zoom video you would like to turn into a podcast clip, it is time to choose a template.

For this purpose, you should select the podcast template from milk. This template will allow you to combine the zoom clips you picked earlier and combine them into the ideal podcast clip!

4. Customize the Template to Match Your Needs

Perhaps one of the best features of the Milk Video platform is the ability to customize the template to match your unique needs. We understand that no two businesses or organizations are the same, which is why we built a tool that helps your content stand out. 

Start by choosing the colors to best match your branding. The goal is to make these podcast clips a seamless part of your marketing strategy! That’s why you can customize that clip’s appearances – use that as an opportunity to catch your audience’s attention and encourage them to listen to your podcast. 

You can also add titles and headings to help viewers know exactly what your podcast is about. Similarly, our other tools can automatically create a transcript of your podcast clips that will help your content rank on search engines and reach additional viewers. In other words, make sure you take advantage of these customization features to add headlines and titles to your podcast clips. 

5. Share Your Podcast!

Now that you’ve identified the moments from your zoom video that you want to use, and clipped them together with the podcast template, all that is left to do is share your podcast.

By sharing your podcast with your audience, you can increase brand awareness and boost customer engagement. It will allow them to learn more about your products and services too – or learn about whatever educational topic you were discussing.

In other words, the podcast is another opportunity to connect with your target audience. Not everyone has time to read a blog or watch a video, so this gives them a chance to listen to your content on the go! As such, you open the door to connecting with an entirely new segment of consumers. 

As you can see, all it takes is a few minutes to turn a zoom into a podcast clip when you use Milk Video. Simply follow these steps and you can convert your zoom content into podcasts that can be shared on your website, social media pages, and more. The easy-to-use templates can help you put together the perfect podcast, and the customization tools allow you to tailor the content to match your needs. It’s the best of both worlds!