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Event Recap: Linkedin Tactics For B2B Marketing Teams

LinkedIn is perceived by many as a professional networking site, however, with over 600 million members Linkedin is a valuable resource for B2b marketers to utilize. The right LinkedIn strategy can result in higher engagement values.

On June 24th, 2021 Milk Video hosted a roundtable discussion regarding LinkedIn Tactics for B2B Marketing Teams. This event allowed marketers and sales individuals across the world to share ways that they have been able to utilize Linkedin to drive engagement. 

During the roundtable, the topics covered were:

  • The types of content to post such as text, video, and images  
  • Connecting, messaging and InMailing
  • Advertising

Highlights, transcripts, and the slides of the roundtable can be found here:


In this clip, Akshay Dodeja, Co-Founder and CEO of Terminal49, discusses utilizing email automation tools to reengage with users that have previously engaged with company content.

Transcription from Akshay Dodeja:

I’ll share two tips. 1. What I found is using one of those automation tools. If you’re posting content and people engage with it, collect their emails. There are ways. If there is 10 people responding and get their emails, and you can put them in an email campaign to engage with your content because they’ve already made an engagement with you. And so you’re now re-engaging them. So that’s something that I feel has a high conversion rate. At least you start a conversation. And the second is this depends on your industry. There’s tons of events, webinars that are happening, virtual conferences. So go extract the if it’s like around this, like LinkedIn tactics. So clearly there are marketers that people are interested in tools that are like technology adopters. So get the list and engage with them, or do an initial touchpoint with them because there’s a pre-curated list of people that are opting into an event. And so again, you can extract those folks and engage with them. So any kind of lead scoring that is done right, that’s going to help the helpful for your industry, then it’s a higher chance of conversion.

Robyn Pineault, Director of Marketing at Predictable Revenue Inc, has seen success in uploading clips from long-form videos to LinkedIn.

Transcription from Robyn Pineault:

So I’ve actually been auditing all of our social media channels, and the team is having a lot of success with long-form content in video format and then clips from it. So we have quite a popular podcast, and so they’re posting the podcast every Thursday to our YouTube channel and then driving traffic from LinkedIn there as well. But then the posts that do the best are clips from that podcast that they post them through the following week. So they’re doing really well with taking a lot of our clips from our long-term video contact.


With the right strategy, LinkedIn can be a powerful engagement tool for B2B marketers and their companies. We hope that the tactics covered in the roundtable discussion will be resources to boost your company’s LinkedIn marketing strategy.