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10 Stunning Webinar Promo Images to Inspire Your Next Event

When you start promoting your webinar, one of the main marketing assets you need is a social media image. Promotional webinar visuals can vary from headshots of all your speakers, to simple but clean graphics with the title of the webinar.

In this post, we want to give you some inspiration for your next webinar promotional images by taking some of the best visuals we could find on the web. [Got some you’d like to suggest? Send it to us]



It’s hard to get 6 speakers onto one webinar visual, but Fishbowl did a great job here. The key elements – Title and Date – stand out really well, versus a classic format that other companies tend to use.

Source of webinar post

SplashThat are masters at events, and the promotional image they’ve used here is creative, while also being easy to read. They have left out dates and times, but that can be inserted into the text of the post or on the landing page itself, so the image does what it needs to do — it communicates the webinar topic clearly with a direct call-to-action.

Source of Webinar Post


Instead of the classic horizontal view of speakers, Partnerstack went with a vertical shot, and pulled it off well. The focus of the eye here is on the title and the speakers from top to bottom.

Source of webinar post

Much like PartnerStack, Outreach do a good job of the vertical promotional image, but they leave out the CTA and add the date and time instead. CTAs don’t have to be included in the visual, especially if the link is in the body of the supporting text (in this case on Linkedin).

Source of webinar post


The standard circle visual is replaced here with square shots of speakers. It’s a break from the norm and works well for Thrive.

Source of webinar post


From vertical and horizontal speaker views to sliding vertical with Bettercloud! This is a clever way to fit in 4 speakers in a tight spot and still manage to not look too busy.

Source of Webinar Post

Oorwin also follow the sliding vertical view but with less speakers so that there’s more space for the time and date details.

Source of webinar post


In AWS’s webinar image they are not showcasing individuals due to the nature of the event. In this instance a simple visual with the key title and CTA works well.

Source of post

SimpleStore have multiple speakers for their LinkedinLive event, but have gone with highlighting the title of the webinar and a gaming visual.

Source of webinar post


If a webinar has multiple speakers, marketers can still break out the speakers into separate images. In Sendbird’s example, you can see how the focus on one speaker makes the visual cleaner and easier to consume.

Source of webinar post

We’ll continue to add promotional webinar images here for your inspiration, and don’t forget to send images that you have seen and like.