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Top 10 Ways to Successfully Promote Your Webinar

If you are able to promote your webinar successfully, it means that you’ve won half the battle. Promotion is an essential part and there are many ways to achieve it for your company now.

In this article, I have listed the top 10 ways to promote a webinar to help you drive registrations, in the effort to help you drive sales at the bottom of the funnel.

  • Linkedin Events

Social media is the most obvious distribution channel to start promoting your webinar. It’s easy, but to drive registrations a bit of work is required.

The most common channel for promotion in the B2B world is Linkedin, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram following behind.

Before we speak about tactics for promoting on Linkedin (see #2), we are going to talk about Linkedin’s new feature, Linkedin Events.

Linkedin events allow you to create an event and publicize it through their platform. It’s a pretty simple interface, but there are some aspects to it that make it very powerful. First off, you can invite all of your connections on Linkedin!

Ok, you might not want to invite everyone, but if you have been connecting with some target individuals on Linkedin, and haven’t had a (valuable) reason to reach out, well then, this is it. An invitation to an event that is within the Linkedin ecosystem is so much easier an ask than a product demo, or even just getting them to register for an event on your website.

On top of individually inviting people to your Linkedin Event page, you can share the page on your Linkedin personal page (and importantly, get your colleagues to easily share, too). If you decide you want to put a few dollars or Euros into the event, you can also promote on Linkedin ads directly to this page, and also track your signups via your Linkedin Campaign manager.

  • Email

Email’s have proven to be the best method of promoting a webinar and if you have a good database this is a key area to focus.

While social media can help you spread the word across multiple channels, email is better positioned for converting into registrations. This is because you already (hopefully) have a good relationship with your users.

  • Blog about your webinar

Blog before and after your event (we talk about the latter in our Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content).

In the blog post, you can discuss a topic related to the webinar. For example, if your webinar is about Best Tips for Remote Work, you can do a blog post interviewing someone about how they have been managing their day when working from home

Teaser/trailer of your webinar

Create a short teaser of your webinar to catch people’s interest. Keep the video under 3 minutes and upload it on social media and your website.

Social Media: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Promoting on social media is probably the easiest option for getting visibility for your webinar, however, it does not always result in a large volume of registrations.

As mentioned in #1, Linkedin is a great first touchpoint for promoting your webinar. Outside of using the Linkedin Events feature, you can promote the event on your own personal page – and direct them to the site. This is preferable over pushing them to the Linkedin Events page, because you will be able to capture better data on them (Linkedin leads often default to personal emails), you will be able to retarget them once they visit your site, and you will help familiarize them with your brand (eg they register and then they are pushed to learn about your product offering).

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are also useful for scaling your webinar promotion, but the relevance of the content to that audience can vary.

Promote on Your Website

Add a call-to-action at the end of every page or blog to promote your upcoming webinar. Look for posts or pages that are relevant to the topic at hand.

If you have a CTA tool like Optinmonster or Drift, you can create pop ups to appear on certain pages and drive your traffic to the webinar.

Email signatures

Adding the link to your webinar in your email signature is also an effective way of promotion.

Think about how many emails you send every day, and then you instantly see how useful (and easy to implement) this is. Do it now!


You can team up with a big brand or an influencer to make the best of their followers. Make sure your content is catchy and easy for them to publish.

Guest speaker

Guest speakers attract a following of their own and you can tap into their audience

Press release

If the topic or speaker of your webinar is on-demand, you can get in touch with online industry journalists and arrange a press release. This would be last in line in terms of priority, but if you have the time and resources, there is no harm in utilizing this channel.