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What Are Podcast Audiograms?

podcast audiogram

Whether you are starting a new podcast or already have a dedicated audience of listeners, you must stay current with your marketing techniques. That includes podcast audiograms!

So, what is an audiogram and how can you use Milk’s audiogram creator to develop your own? This guide on podcast audiograms will teach you what they are, why they are so effective at boosting your listener base, and how you can create one. 

Podcast Audiograms: What Are They?

To start, let’s review what an audiogram is. Developing this understanding will allow you to better incorporate audiograms into your marketing strategy and use them to attract more listeners to your podcast. 

A podcast audiogram refers to the process of converting an image to a video by overlaying an audio track, waveform, and transcripts. Simply put, it combines your picture with a sound bite to create a piece of marketing that can be shared on social media and other platforms. 

It helps to think of them as a movie trailer – but instead of promoting a new film, you can use them to get people excited about your upcoming podcast! The combination of visuals, text, and audio elements makes them much better at grabbing the viewer’s attention than a traditional link or still image. 

They are unique to podcasts since they rely on the audio clip to bring an image to life. That means that your ads will perform better even if you don’t have a video podcast to share reels from. A podcast audiogram can be shared anywhere that accepts video content, so you can broaden the reach of your marketing efforts. 

Other Types of Audiograms

If you search for audiograms on Google, you will likely come across a different type: one used to display results of a hearing test. 

These audiograms are not used for marketing purposes, but rather to show the various sounds that the person tested can hear at unique frequencies and pitches. Sounds at the top of the graph are softer compared to those at the bottom. 

In other words, doctors use this visual to determine the degree of hearing loss. The diagnosis will depend on where the patient’s results show on the audiogram.

Keep in mind that this is different than a podcast audiogram!

Why Audiograms are Important in Marketing

Now that you know what a podcast audiogram is you might be wondering, why are they so important for marketing your podcast series?

For starters, they are a great way to drive more listeners to your podcast. Simply sharing a text quote or a link is not enough – you need to share clips of your episodes in a visually appealing way if you want to capture your audience’s attention. A podcast audiogram allows you to do just that, by taking the sound clip and overlaying it on a visually appealing image.

This doesn’t mean that you should use static images and text posts to promote your podcast. Those are still key components of a marketing strategy, and you should always use them, but podcast audiograms are much more effective at boosting traffic. 

Research has found that engagement on an audiogram post can be up to 8 times higher than tweets without one. Furthermore, the audiograms on Facebook outperformed links by 83% and photos by 58%. 

These numbers make a clear case for using audiograms to promote your podcast!

How to Make Your Own

Are you ready to start making podcast audiograms to build your brand online and increase traffic to your podcast? If so, try out Milk’s new audiogram creator. 

Our tool not only allows you to create effective podcast audiograms for your content, but also optimizes them for sharing on different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more. The tool also allows you to add transcripts and subtitles to the audiogram so you can boost engagement even further!

Check out this audiogram Go1 created using Milk Video.